Terms & conditions for legal services

Invest Law AG is obligated to execute the mandate diligently in the interests of the Client. The fees will be charged on the basis of hours spent. Invest Law AG charges an hourly fee (exclusive of VAT) of CHF 400.- for legal work rendered by Dr. Thomas Baechtold.

A lump sum agreement can be arranged in advanced between the Client and the Invest Law AG. In addition, the Client shall pay a lump sum of 3 % of the total fees owed (exclusive of VAT) to cover postage, telecommunication charges, photocopies, and other incidental expenses. All other expenses shall be reimbursed separately.

The Client shall be responsible for the payment of fees or costs by third parties, government authorities and/or courts.

The Client can at any time demand an interim invoice statement or other information pertaining to fees owed, expenses incurred and/or concerning the status of the execution of the mandate.

The Client also mandates Invest Law AG to collect any amounts awarded in a mandate. Furthermore, the Client assigns to Invest Law AG any claims for court-awarded attorney compensation on account of payment.

In order to represent the Client with respect to third parties, Invest Law AG may ask the Client for a written power of attorney. Invest Law AG shall, however, utilize said power of attorney only to the extent necessary for the execution of the mandate. Powers of attorney issued in connection with a mandate shall be limited to the pursuit of this mandate. They shall not grant any rights beyond those afforded by the mandate.

In agreement with the Client, Invest Law AG is entitled to consult outside consultants, particularly foreign corresponding attorneys, experts, and other outside support personnel to the extent that it is useful or necessary.

The Client may terminate the mandate and any power of attorney issued on the basis thereof at any time. Invest Law AG also has the right to terminate the mandate. A termination may give rise to claims if made at an inappropriate time.

Invest Law AG is entitled, without prior notice, to destroy the reference files ten years after settlement of a case or termination of a mandate.

The regular courts of the Canton of Zug shall have jurisdiction over disputes arising from a mandate relationship between the Client and Invest Law AG. The mandate shall be governed by the laws of Switzerland, in particular Articles 394 ff. of the Swiss Law of Obligations.

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